95% of physicians feel they communicate effectively with their patients.

51% of patients feel they dont.

As a business owner and a doctor, you are often caught trying to wear too many hats. It’s challenging enough to work in your business as the doctor, but to also work on your business effectively is even more difficult. This doesn’t just mean paying bills, or organizing your files, or integrating new technology. It means looking at your patients’ experience from the patients’ point of view — and most of the time, this is neglected.

There are three main principles for moving your successful practice to one that is far superior. They are: communication, connection, and consistency — we call them C-Cubed™ — and all are interconnected.

So, let’s walk through the practical side of your business — away from the taxes, overhead, business plans, strategies, etc. Even though those things are important, and should be addressed, quite frankly, when it comes to your patients, they really don’t care. All a patient wants and needs is to have a great experience on a consistent basis, and they will always be your loyal advocates.

All the aspects of C-cubed are interconnected, and are important on both the patient side and your staff side. Without them, your practice will always lag behind its tremendous potential.

Did you know most doctors feel they are communicating well with their patients? However, research has shown patients see things differently.

While each one of these principles is very important individually, they are all interconnected and inseparable. You can have great communication with your patients, but if you are not “connecting” with them, and if you’re not consistent with your care, you are not providing the best service for them.

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